My 2013 finalist Entry,“the 4th Element”, is now in Nelson at the World of WearableArt Museum. 

I entered the 1st time in 2010...

-4 years, 4 years finalist
-Twice awarded: runner up the 1st year and South Pacific Winner last year

I entered this year in the new Weta Section, creating the "4th Element", a garment made of Perspex (of course, my favourite medium in my Art practise).

“...The 4th Element” is a cosmetic almost disturbing representation of a Female body with a “Plastic face”, quest to Aesthetic and Perfection thru digital techniques.

Water, Fire, Air…Digital...”  

    “ the 4th Elément...” 



Human being have always tried to compete with Gods…

In our World, we want to be closer to immortality, creating the “Perfect Image”.

In our World, 3 Elements are still there…how about Earth, the human part of it?


“The 4th Element” is a cosmetic almost disturbing representation of a Female body with a “Plastic face”, quest to Aesthetic and Perfection thru digital techniques.

Water, Fire, Air…Digital.

 This is the “4th Element”


However, “the 4th Element” moves, vibrates, sparkles.

Its darkness is balanced by the shine and reflection of the Water, the rhythm of the Fire;

Its heaviness by the lightness of the Air.



Work in progress…

It started in October and finished in May, the very end… 


-2 month (October-November 2012) to create the Artworks and “the 4th Element” concept.

It is not just about “making beautiful images”, they also have to fit garment patterns.

80% of the garment concept has to be created in order to do patterns and then create the right Artwork!

The storyboard “Sketches” shows the initial mock up of my garment before I made it.


-6 month work “on & off”: sew, think, undo, redo, sew…

The part of thinking is crucial. After years of digital art, I arrive now to visualize before doing: I can spend a day of thinking, very static but also very productive. The second day will be about doing!


Material & Features:

Each part of the garment represents an Element. Each piece connects and links to the others by:

-1 harmony of colour: cold, metallic, blue of the water, the air, the flames (…very hot gaz molecules turn blue).

-All findings, buckles are in old brass for a consistent finish.

-Threads are falling from gloves and crinoline like cobwebs… Our lives “rely ” on the web

after all…

-Name tags are hand engraved on Perspex then stained with gold leaf wax.

-Elastic on hand cuff and toes to block and help dressing up. Diamonds details on front side band.

-Velcro secure every closures, hooks block the gloves from falling down.




“Digital Face &  Bustier”:

-Head: almost 200 pieces of Perspex moving like flames, hand cut, hole punched and stitched on a rugby headgear.

-3D “idealist Human face”: a bit of Me (=the eyes), a bit of Angelina Jolie (=the face).

-Face and eyes are printed in 2 times: the eyes are printed in see thru dots to enable the model…to see thru. They are glued afterwards on the face print.

-Perspex Bustier:

-Lined with the crinoline velvet, consistency…

-sturdy like an armor, it moves in a very “Digital” way.


“Anecdote: I used 2mm perspex for the 1st bustier as I wanted it very sturdy… too sturdy, impossible to cut it and also to bend properly! I have redone it on a 0.75mm perspex. Very good! The cut in perspex has to be very precise because it goes on and runs to break… and it did! I had to redo it again designing this time softer corners for softer cuts…”




“Fire Top, Necklace & Gloves”:

-Black top: the necklace of the bustier is attached by removable velcro tabs on the top

( cleaning and dress up convenient) . It also increase the 3D effect with the bustier.

-Hooks to fit in the gloves

-Gloves: Rhythm given by all the pieces of Perspex moving like Fire.


“Anecdote: I had to sew the left glove on myself to see where to put the pieces. Lots of scratches from the needle!!!”




“Air Crinoline”:

-PVC piping and velvet: the velvet gives another texture. It is stuffed with supermarket plastic bags that give rigidness with a light weigh feature.

-The crinoline is not exactly round, the circles are not exactly at the same place…concept of Japanese Wabi-sabi, “the imperfection in the perfect”…

-Hand stitched, threading: The stitches with a thick thread leave some white “dots” thru the loose weave of the velvet, catching the light.

-The threading gives a disturbing feeling, like cobwebs all over.

-Digital prints on Perspex hung in the crinoline to move like Air.


“Anecdote: I googled how to do a crinoline… I bought 15 meters of 19mm garden PVC piping and a bit of a smaller one. The piping is corrugated. Tto close the 2 ends I inserted the smaller one and “screwed” it. Then all strengthened with reinforced tape

et voila!”




“Water Leggings & Shoes”

-Digital photographic print (sublimation) on lycra .

-“Drops Print” enhanced by beads that fall from the front leggings in the shoes

-400 drops beads hand stitched on the shoes to represent the Water.


“Anecdote: all was done, time for photo shooting…Excitement…

When my model started to dress up, she could not fit in the shoes… no big feet althought...

After photo shooting I downloaded pics, did my submission, the wardrobe document. It is a long process. That was it!!!

I bought a bottle of French champagne and when Andrew arrived that night, I was behind the door, all dressed up with 2 glasses of bubbles…Celebration!!!


The morning afterwards, packing the garment, I realized the shoes were size 7, not between 8.5 and 9.5 as per the garment brief! I called the shoe shop where I purchased them…in February ,anxious they did not have any longer the size! I took the ferry downtown, ran to the shop, picked up the pair and spent an extra 2 days beading…”