"Throughout her life, June Black compiled a veritable wardrobe of metaphorical costumes: Costume to get onto one’s high horse, Costume to be worn over a heavy heart, Costume to extend exalted moments, Costume to face the ultimate discomfit of the guillotine, the gallows or the dentist…

The gala was a chance to dress up in one of June Black’s costumes or devise a costume of your own after your own heart or intellect.

" the Intellectual Fashion Show"      Gus Fisher Gallery 

"my heels are keeling(killing) me"...                                                                                  Jewellery Grade Garnet, French lace, Damascus Japanese chef knife, shoe

the Intellectual Fashion Show    Gus Fisher Gallery                                      

..."When I first entered WOW in 2010, I was anxious.  Now, I think I was more anxious not to be accepted than to create something out of  “normality”.

If you ask me what are my skills, I will be well embarrassed to give you diplomas, certificates… Well, I have a diploma in fashion design and pattern making AND it is in my genes with a great grand mother fine linen hand embroiderer and 2 grand mothers couturières!
For the rest, it is 52 years of practice (I started I was 5...Oui!), patience and tenacity with a lot of enthusiasm, love and imagination.

I can put things together, I know I can…mostly.
I can draw, paint but I prefer the relationship with a computer, “from brain to screen”. 
I can take photographs but I enjoy more and more to use a phone, instants . 

I like to mix Old with New, Printmaking with Perspex
Etching but made of Solarplates, a non-toxic way that uses my computer “collages” to etch the image on a plate.
I love the fact the sun, time of the day, of the year will influence the etching. I like the unknown factor, the surprise, the part I can’t control!
I could; I could use a light box, I don’t want.
I could do series, I don’t like.                                                                                                        
Prints are a personal emotional & physical materialization on paper and I want to keep it unique. 

My limited editions are a maximum of 10 and always different, in the colour or the way I ink.
Perspex allows me to work in big size, allows me to go to "3D work" by layering with Etchings or by literally using it like a fabric.
And this links back to fashion and making pieces!

What I enjoy the most with WOW is making pieces, doing a "3D artwork." Not only to tell one story in 3D but also to look at all the different angles, perspective, all the different stories that come out of it.
I realized recently I always start my WOW garment with the shoes and “build it up”. 
I actually love shoes. I like to “accessorize” them with my outfit. 
In the same way I make  jewellery pieces that tell stories, statement pieces.

This year, I am in piece!!!"