Gus Fisher Gallery 7 October-5 November

                        22 October Launch of IFS magazine

     the NZ Fashion Museum in association with Blikfang Gallery presents 

the Intellectual Fashion Show

"my heels are keeling(killing) me"...

Jewellery Grade Garnet, french lace, Damascus Japanese chef knife, shoe



..."When I first entered WOW in 2010, I was anxious.  Now, I think I was more anxious not to be accepted than to create something out of my “normality”.

If you ask me what are my skills, I will be well embarrassed to give you diplomas, certificates…Of course, I have a diploma of fashion design and pattern making AND it is in my genes with a great grand mother fine linen hand embroiderer and 2 grand mothers couturières!
For the rest, it is 50 years of practice (I started I was 5), patience and tenacity with a lot of enthusiasm, love and imagination.

I can put things together, I know I can…mostly.
I can draw, paint but I prefer the relationship with my computer, “from brain to screen”. 
I can take photographs but I enjoy more and more to use my phone, pick up instants on FB. 

I like to mix Old with New, Printmaking with Perspex
Etching but made of Solarplates, a non-toxic way that uses my computer “collages” to etch the image on a plate
I love the fact the sun, time of the day, of the year will influence the etching. I like the unknown factor, the surprise, the part I can’t control!
I could; I could use a light box, I don’t want.
I could do series, I don’t like. Prints are a personal emotional and physical materialization on paper and I want to keep it unique. 
My limited editions are a maximum of 10 and always different, in the colour or the way I ink my plate.
Perspex allows me to work in big size, allows me to go to 3D work by layering with Etchings or by literally using it like a fabric.
And this links back to fashion and making pieces!

What I enjoy the most with WOW is making pieces, doing a 3D artwork. Not only to tell one story in 3D but also to look at all the different angles, perspective, all the different stories that come out of it.
I realized recently I start my WOW garment with the shoes and “build it up”. 
I actually love shoes. I like to “accessorize” them with my outfit. 
In the same way I like making jewellery pieces that tell stories, mini wearable artworks. Statement pieces…

This year, I am in piece!!!"

Exhibitions & Events


07 October-05 November: "Intellectual Fashion Show" Gus Fisher Gallery       Auckland

29 October:                      "Shoes Extravaganza" , Tepid Bath                        Auckland


September:              Finalist World of WeatableArt Open section                                         Wellington

July:                       "I am a child" Group exhibition Art by the Sea                                       Devonport


December:                Christmas group exhibition, Paperworks,                                                               Napier

                                Chritmas show Solander Gallery                                                               Wellington

September-October:  World of WearableArt, Finalist open section WOW 2015                            Wellington

August-September:  Solander Gallery                                                                                       Wellington

July 27 -August 13:  Red Gallery                                                                                                     Nelson

May                      Solo Exhibition Art by the Sea Gallery                                                           Devonport

February              FINALIST  1rst round NiIKON world photo contest 2015

                           FINALIST New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards 2015,                          Hamilton


   -November             "Antipodes"    Group exhibition between New Zealand and Australia,               Auckland-Sydney                              


   -November             “Outside the Square”     group exhibition                                Depot Art Space,       Devonport      

   -October                 BraveHeart Art Exhibition, Group                                                                             Auckland

   -September            Bimblebox Art Project  group exhibition

                                153 Printmakers representing 153 birds of the Bimblebox Reserve, endangered  by a project of 

                                coal mining                                                                                                       QLD, Australia


   World of Wearableart  FINALIST Bizarre Bra Section                                             Wellington

 -August 22-Sept 17: "Recycle to Upcycle"  group exhibition, Queenstown Arts Centre                           Queenstown                        
-February:              Pechakucha Night: Garden Arts Festival                                                        Hamilton

-November:                               Finalist of  Awagami International miniature Print                    Inbe Art Space               Yoshinogawa City,                                                                                                                           Japan
-September-October:                  World of WearableArt,  Finalist 2013                                             Wellington
                                                Finalist of Impressions Art Awards  Refinery Artspace                           Nelson
-September: 5-30                     "Spanish Lounge"                   Red Gallery,                                             Nelson
-June-July:                                "Quirkiness"       Art by the Sea,                                               Devonport
-June; 15-28                              "Matariki Celebration"          the Depot Artspace,                             Devonport
-Feb-March:                              "Taste of Printmaking"   Lake House Art Center                                Takapuna

24 printmakers from the Print Studio Collective show the diversity of Printmaking.

Using contemporary themes, printmaking processes range from traditional to multimedia to digital prints.
The Print Studio will also be open to give viewers the opportunity to see further prints, see how prints are made and talk with the printmakers.




-September:                                Award Winner  in Air New Zealand South Pacific Section, World of WearableArt  2012  


 -June                                "View"  solo exhibition, Letham Gallery                                      Auckland presented by the Auckland Festival of Photography 2012

- February:                             " Décadence", New Zealand Inspired collection of lampshades and coffee tables in Perspex     presented at  essenze   Parnell                                                                     Auckland                                                                                   
-December:                            10th to 7th January  "Art at Wharepuke" 
                                               Finalist at the Biennal International Printmaking Show,  27 Artists from 14 countries   
-September:                           " A puzzled Tame Tiki"  Group Exhibition  Letham GAllery       Auckland
-August:                                   Finalist in Kiwi Icons Section  for the World  of Wearableart  2011                                                     Wellington
-June:                                      "El Final"  SOLO Exhibition at  =republic home,   Ponsonby   Auckland                with the Auckland Festival of Photography 2011
                                                "Baradene Art Show "   Group Exhibition                                Auckland
-April:                                      "in Bloom"            Group Exhibition      Wallace Morrinsville  Gallery
- February :                              The New Zealand Painting & Printmaking Art Award               Hamilton
                                       2011 FINALIST official Jury selection

- December/January :             WaiPrint, Printmaking  Group Exhibition             Artspost         Hamilton
                                               "Local Landscape" , Group Exhibition      Wallace Morrinsville Gallery  
                                                "Cross my Heart", Group Exhibition  Letham Gallery              Auckland

- September/October:            World of WearableArt:  RUNNER UP  in Air New Zealand Pacific         Section with "Who's the Pest, I am The Pest". 
- September/October:         "Metonymy ":  Group Exhibition, Corban Estate Arts Center Auckland
-June:                                     “ConnexiÒn” :  SOLO Exhibition,  Letham Gallery  presented by  Auckland Festival of Photography  2010

 -May:                                      Braveheart Exhibition: 200 Artists, 600 Artworks presented at ASB Showground, Auckland
                                                TRENZ   represented by essenze NZ

 - April :                                   The Royal Easter Show

-November:                             Ferner Galleries, le Salon   Group Exhibition    Sale St           Auckland

 -October:                                Exhibition SOLO , Wall Gallery                            Ponsonby    Auckland

 -September:                           Exhibition SOLO, Letham Gallery                        Ponsonby    Auckland

 -May:                                      “SkinS”  SOLO Exhibition with the Auckland Photography Festival                                                                                                     GeorgiGregg,  Parnell  Auckland

 -March:                           “Parnell Art Rally": 7 Artworks, 7 places all dedicated to Arts:     Essenze, Warwick Fabric, Corporate Culture & Designer Rugs, Coastal Design, Siena, Juice TV.

-November:                             “Fake”, first  SOLO Exhibition in New Zealand             GeorgiGregg    Parnell Auckland