"the Landing"  dry point Intagio on Perspex,  1200x 600mm print size             latest work 2018

"Objects of desire"  Series, Solarplate Etchings,

"Conversation",  Finalist René Carcan International Printmaking  Bruxelles, Belgium 2018

"Devotion", Finalist International Printmaking Exhibition Douro, Portugal 2018

"Salute" Finalist New Zealand Painting & Printmaking Awards 2018

Peara"         Solarplate Etching

                    Long listed 2016 JOAP International Open Art Prize                                   UK

                    Finalist International Mini Print University of Art    Tokyo,                      Japan

"Dentelle"   finalist 2013 International Awagami Mini Print   Japan

Solarplate Etching and Embossing on Washi Paper 70 gsm