Carlson more traditional  jewellery pictures seascape, shells, flowers, Pounamu, what make New Zealand a very precious country

the sisters Necklace ( all photos crédits: the Poi Room gallery)

Beatrice Carlson most recent work as a contemporary jewellery artist.

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Each jewellery Carlson creates is a unique piece, handmade in her Devonport studio. The Greenstones are from Hokitika, her material come from New Zealand or sourced internationally very carefully; her practice is as non-toxic as possible.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Carlson hasalso  created a particular technique using her printmaking press on metal instead of paper. Sterling Silver is the latest medium she has chosen to talk about New Zealand; her narrative Is also  about her French ancestry and the deep connection in between her two worlds.

Inspired by Aotearoa:

The stones come from Carlson beach walks around New Zealand, she says they are the precious part of her jewellery; the Sterling Silver is carved like the wild coastal seascape and oxidised in the colours of wet sand and deep sea.


                                 Botanical Series:

Inspired by Aotearoa flowers and native fauna, Carlson has created a unique technique using her printmaking press to emboss Sterling Silver with lace from her fashion practice in France.

The texture creates a French background to her New Zealand narrative

"Hibiscus" Necklace, embossed and oxidised Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl

"Kowhai " , "Harakeke","Feather" , "Citrus Zealandia" , "Skink"Necklaces:

"It smells green" Necklace, Chrysoprase, Sterling Silver, Gold, Greenstone :        

                                 Geometric Series:

Sterling Silver, Copper, Greenstone matt and gloss:

"the Elements" Necklace            Embossed & oxidised Copper, Wood, Greenstone

                                                           Photo, model & make up art: Christina Brigdman