With the post-Covid Era, Carlson focuses on a non-toxic, recycling/upcycling  jewellery practice.

In April 2023, Craig Potton Gallery presented during Nelson Jewellery Week her solo exhibition, the Magpie Nest Project, result of decluttering 30 years of impulsive consumption,

Now, she forages, harvests, finds, recycles discarded pieces the sea gives us back.

Under Current Project is going to last as long as she can find porcelain shards on New Zealand shores.

Beatrice Carlson practice is made in respect to our environment.

No nasty chimicals, there is most of the time a way round to make things work, it is just a matter of research, patience and dedication but also novation.

We are for a little time part of a wonderful adventure on our planet...let's just make it even better for the next generations!

Merci, ngā mihi!