"Mise Amor"   Finalist of the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards

“El Final” 

A series of 6 Artworks combining different techniques on one subject: “la Corrida de Torros”, about the End... but also, Passion, Amour.

Carlson photographs come from Spain, Camargue (France), Rarotonga and New Zealand.

From big to intimate size,                                                                                                      From Digital Print to Solarplate Etching,                                                                              From Perspex to Fine Art Paper                                                                                             From vivid colour to subtle tones of Etchings.

Carlson work is dictated by her roots and the different medium she has been using for 3 decades. Oil Painting gave her an understanding of layers and transparency she uses in her digital work.Solarplates create another atmosphere to this imagery. Etching Printmaking is the ultimate step. It gives poetry...

Mixed media: Solarplate Etching on Fabriano Fine Art paper and Digital Print on Perspex