Mise Amor        Solarplate Etching on Fabbriano Art paper, Digital Print on Perspex

                               Finalist of the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2011   280 entries, 52 Artworks selected by Warwick Brown this year. 


                                Mise Amor is a play on word as well as a “play on Art”:

                               It is a mixture of French (mise=put) and Spanish (amor=love).

                               In french phonetic it will      sound like “mise à mort”= put down.

                               But, in fact it is “put in love” in the actual translation…



                               Rarotonga, the house with tags

                               Camargue, France the Bull (Toro)

                               Spain, the Matador (Toreador)

                               New Zealand, the Mariposa (Monarch butterfly)

                               The Web gave me the Dancer


It is about death, beauty, love and misery, the feeling we experience in a different way with a different country, culture, ethny.

Universality and Uniqueness.