From 2022, Carlson work is more conceptual andsculptural. Her necklaces play with light, volumes.

The simple lignes refer to her French culture: Matisse, Jean Cocteau and also fashion background: Christian Lacroix, Louboutin.



Gender has nothing to do with it.

The narrative is about natural sophistication, sober elegance, refinement with an edge; it talks also about society, difference and acceptance.

Craftmanship is a common thread with those people that have embraced their choices

Influences:Wabi Sabi, Synchronicity, Synesthesia the french poets, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Eluard

Ethic:Untreated Gemstones, New Zealand Greenstone, Sterling silver & Gold locally sourced.

Hand made jewellery in Devonport by the artist, each piece is unique.

Credit:Thank you Jen Chan, Neil Gussey and Tanner Austin, Pierre Gentier to embrace also Carlson choices and be part of this jewellery conversation, the People Collection.

© Copyright Beatrice Carlson